Science. In one picture.

With AbsClust you can interactively analyze thousands of scientific articles, find their similarities, see branches of research, understand their evolution in time, get statistics or analyze your own abstract to find similar articles or journals to publish in.


Why AbsClust?

No need to read thousands of abstracts anymore

It is a powerful visualization tool that helps you see the big interactive picture of what is going on in the area of your research interest.

It is smart

The cutting edge technologies are under the hood of AbsClust. This AI-powered application uses deep learning to process human language and transform multidimensional data into a clear form.

It is inspiring

AbsClust finds related articles, which potentially helps to find new directions for your research.

Stay up to date

Analyze the past and keep abreast of the latest trends with the time evolution feature to understand whether this branch of research is currently active or its time has passed.

Deeper analysis

Understand your area of interest better with statistical tools, including distribution of articles per year, the median number of citations per year, and the total number of citations.

Analyze your own article

Add your own article during data upload to find the most similar existing works and see which area suits you and choose an appropriate journal to publish.